Join Us for this Momentous Fast

Join Us for this Momentous Fast


IHOPKC’s leadership team is responding to the Lord in light of the 40-year anniversary of the 1983 solemn assembly by calling a 21-day fast May 7–28, 2023. We will focus all of our prayer sets in the Global Prayer Room on Jesus’ purposes for Israel and the Jewish people. This fast will culminate on Pentecost Sunday, May 28, when we will be joining 100 million intercessors to pray for Israel as part of the global prayer day for Israel.

Join us in the Global Prayer Room in Kansas City or tune in to the webstream.

We are believing for 1 million to join us on the 21-day fast in May and for 100 million to join us on May 28 that many more millions would be marked for God’s purposes.

Three Friday nights in May at 6pm (May 12, 19, 26), our Encounter God Service will be focused on contending for and equipping our spiritual family to partner with God’s prophetic purposes in Israel in this hour. We will share prophetic words, events, and messaging along with updates and more. Worship will begin at 6pm, and the Children’s Equipping Center will be open for ages 1–12 from 5:45pm to 8pm.

PLEASE NOTE: Only one service will be held on these three Fridays, and we are pausing Mike Bickle and Stuart Greaves’ Friday 7:30pm EGS course on John 13–17 during this time.

We’re calling 300 radical, young adults to join us for the 21-day fast in the NightWatch, praying six hours every night for the Lord’s purposes for Israel and the Church. Learn more and apply now:

Regular Offerings for Israel during the Fast

This May, as more than 1 million believers engage in a global fast for Israel, the leadership of IHOPKC are calling for regular offerings for the saints in Jerusalem and those laboring among the Jewish Diaspora. These gifts are similar to what Paul described the Macedonians giving in Romans 15 and will help fund ministries that serve and reach out to Jews around the world.

If you’d like to give through IHOPKC, please use this link:

March 7–May 6 Taking time to prepare our hearts

May 7

• Celebrating IHOPKC’s 24th anniversary of continuous prayer with worship
• The 40-year remembrance day of our historic 21-day Daniel 9 fast of 1983
• The 21-day Isaiah 62 Fast begins

May 12 Encounter God Service, 6pm CT

May 19 Encounter God Service, 6pm CT

May 26 Encounter God Service, 6pm CT

May 28 Global day of prayer with 100M intercessors

21-Day Devotional

Key Messages from 2021/2022

Mike Bickle’s Notes on the Isaiah 62 Fast

IHOPKC Fasting Guidelines

CBN News Mentions Isaiah 62 Fast

Millions of Christians to Mobilize in Fasting and Prayer for Israel Before Pentecost

JERUSALEM, Israel – Next month, thousands of ministries worldwide will unite in prayer for Israel. Many believe this historic initiative couldn’t be happening at a better time.

Mike Bickle of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Missouri, explained how this call to intercession started.

“We began a call on March 7th, about six weeks go, and the call—in essence—was to call 1 million people to pray for one hour a day for Jerusalem, for 21 days,” he said.

The call to pray begins May 7th and runs through the 28th. Bickle says the response to this call has now gone viral, and global.

“Well, it’s blown up on us and we did not understand … we quit counting at the 1 million mark about April 1st, three weeks after giving this call, and there’s thousands of ministries participating at this point in time,” he said, and added, “I’m guessing well over 5 million will participate.”

Their website,, provides a directory of ministries from around the world with their information, so people can find a participating ministry in their region.

“We want to inspire and be catalytic in an escalation in the global conversation of the biblical narrative for Israel,” Bickle stated. We want lots of ministries talking to lots of new people about it.”

The scripture chosen for the time of prayer is Isaiah, Chapter 62.

“I don’t know any chapter that has more divine information about God’s purpose for Jerusalem than Isaiah 62,” Bickle explained.

The leaders expect this fast will accelerate global prayer for Jerusalem.

Looking ahead, Bickle said, “Let’s go forward a year from now, two years from now. Those five or ten million people, they all have two or three friends, and so a year from now, they’ll be twenty, thirty, forty, fifty million people in this conversation about the Biblical narrative of Israel.”

Bickle believes that number may eventually grow to as many as 100 million Christians praying for Israel. The initiative will culminate on the Southern Steps of Jerusalem’s Temple Mount on the day of Pentecost, (the Jewish day of Shavuot), May 28th.

With the unprecedented division within Israel over judicial reform and the looming threat of a nuclear Iran, it’s a moment for the Church worldwide to stand in the gap for Israel “for such a time as this,” as Queen Esther did thousands of years ago for the Jewish people.