Who we are

How it all began

Twenty years ago, on a crisp day in the fall of 1999, a small, ragtag, band of worshipers and intercessors gave themselves to a ridiculous and beautiful dream.

Hour by hour, day after day, sometimes in an empty room, men and women, young and old, all races, began to gather to a vision as simple in its essence as it was extraordinary in its scope: unceasing prayer with worship. “We will give everything!” they said, “Even every hour of life itself—day and night!—to declare the supreme worth of Jesus to a jaded and unbelieving generation.”

It was crazy, it was lavish, it was foolish. And it was totally worth it. In the grace of God, this mission has spread across nations and continents, and will never, ever change until Jesus returns.

20,000 Staff (present and former)

20,000 Staff(Present and Former)

20 Million “Man Hours” of Prayer

20 MillionMan-Hours
of Prayer

20,000 yearly at Onething

20,000 yearlyAttendees at
Onething Conference

1,000,000+ Annual website visits

Annual website visits

245 Nations and Territiories Accessing Online Resources

Nations and territories accessing
online resources

10 Languages represented in prayer meetings

Languages represented in prayer meetings

60,000 Children & teens equipped since 1999

Children & teens
equipped since 1999


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As a missions base founded on 24/7 prayer with worship, our ministries and outreach function as an outflow of prayer and intimacy with the Lord.


Preparing yourself

IHOPU Online
IHOPU Online

Preparing nations

Forerunner Church
Forerunner Church

Preparing people and families

Children’s Equipping Center
Children’s Equipping Center

Preparing generations

Center for Biblical End Time Studies
Center for Biblical End-Time Studies

Preparing for the future

Sundays, 10am CT

Forerunner Church

Passion for Jesus.
Compassion for People.

Forerunner Church’s foundational commitment is to be the local church expression of the International House of Prayer of Kansas City (IHOPKC).

How to get involved

Advancing 24/7 Prayer unto the Great Commission, unto the Return of Jesus

Partner with IHOPKC

Some give themselves to the prayer missionary lifestyle and become staff. Some give finances, prayer support, and love. Every part is needed. We encourage you to partner with us as one great company contending for the full manifestation of the glory of Jesus at the culmination of the age.

Where to get started

Dive Deeper

We have many great ways for you to connect—short term or long term—or even to explore joining our staff as an intercessory missionary.